The Bugatti Chiron is not just any ordinary car, and not just because it features 1,500 horsepower, has a price tag of $3 million, and is competing for the crown of world’s fastest production car. The unreal nature of the car also broadens up to more worldly things, like recalls.

Bugatti has recalled a total of 47 Chirons because the cars may have improperly welded seat brackets. But while the company sent out a letter to the car owners to visit their local dealership as soon as possible, Bugatti proves to be a little different.

Every car owner will get a call from a so-called “Flying Doctor,” who will do a car inspection. If necessary, the car will be taken to the nearest service centre, where the entire seat bracket assembly will be replaced, according to Bloomberg. Since this was a manufacturing fault, the replacement will be free of charge.

Needless to say, that’s the kind of service people can expect when spending some serious amount of cash on a high-involvement product. While some would expect a special treatment in exchange for seven figures, the lengths Bugatti is going to respond to owners’ inconvenience is unnecessary. After all, Chiron cars are not for daily use.

While most Chiron owners won’t use the car for daily driving, the experience will always be memorable. So far, the Chiron has proven capable of going from a zero to 249 mph and back to standstill in less than 42 seconds. Bugatti hopes the Chiron will beat the 267-mph top speed of the Veyron Super Sport, but that still hasn’t proven. The Super Sport is still crowned with the title of world’s fastest production car by Guinness World Records.

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