Microsoft recently disable one of the Intel software update. The software was flawed and caused computers to ‘reboot’ unpredictably. Intel faced trouble in the software security patch, millions of users worldwide had complications.

Due to the sudden reboots, Intel informed people not to install it.

Microsoft announced Windows 7, 8.1 and 10 has officially inactivated Intel’s buggy patch. Hence the reboot issue has been resolved.

The Security researchers commented on the following Intel’s issue. In January Spectre and Meltdown, the security errors were discussed on public medium.

The researchers have come out with the gaps in the security, they stopped the central processing units also known as Microchip or chip. This could permit the private data (kept) in the computers and other gadgets to be slashed.

However Microsoft declared that no known reports of the security concern being used to attack computers.

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