Stubbed out cigarette butt

The British Medical Journal; one of the oldest general medical journal, claims that there is no ‘safe level’ of smoking.

A large BMJ study was held and the researches said that smoker’s need to ‘QUIT SMOKING’ rather than cut back on them to lower the risk of having major heart diseases and strokes.

Stop smoking, COMPLETELY:

Contrary to common thought, researchers of BMJ states that cutting back on cigarettes doesn’t make any difference. According to them, even if the smokers cut back to one cigarette per day it would still cause three heart-attacks.

The researchers further claimed that,  men who smoked one cigarette a day had about a 48% higher risk of developing coronary heart disease and were 25% more likely to have a stroke, For women, it was higher – 57% for heart disease and 31% for stroke, as compared to people who never smoked.

“People who cut down are likely to quit smoking”:

According Paul Aveyard, professor of behavioral medicine at the University of Oxford, believes that cutting down on cigarettes is ‘not useless.’

“Those who try to cut down with the aid of nicotine, whether from nicotine replacement treatment or an e-cigarette, are more likely to stop eventually and thus really reduce their risks from smoking,” he said.

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