Butt beats Bit – Say Hello to the New “BUTTCOINS” to Feel Better
Credits: Emojipedia

Bits may go down but, the butts are not coming slow!

To help the cryptocurrency investors that suffered the loss of their savings in the near past, a contrarian community that made ‘humor’ a priority in the immensely sad and depressed hours of the investors by forming a new crypto clan under the banner of Buttcoin. And people are falling in love with the comedy threshold.

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To boost the morale of the sad and ‘investment deprived’ investors, Buttcoin subreddit serves as a platform to ridicule the existence of moving bitcoin graph. This crypto-base is filled with memes and posts clapping hands on every downward trending milestone of bitcoin.

This subreddit truly works as a morale booster in this world of Bananacoins, Kodakcoins, and what-not-coins. There was a dire need for some platform like this where highly lost investors could come and celebrate their zeal of loss by laughing at their own misery and… coins.

The most applauded voice in the Buttcoin space is found on Twitter, yes you have guessed it right, @BUTTCOIN. However, the account is now being managed by several twitter hawks, it was originally created by the same guy in 2011 who made the subreddit and now-defunct Buttcoin.org.

About when the Google tried banning crypto ads,


Umm… asking real things,


‘Be da Man’


The story of the birth of this account was shared in an encrypted chat,

The name grew out of the Something Awful forums, In 2011 Gawker wrote an article about Silk Road and how bitcoins were involved. This is kinda how Bitcoin enters the mainstream. There was a thread on SA that started semi-serious but we quickly realized that there were a lot of real dumb people involved,” he continued. “There were just hundred[s] of pictures of people’s milk crate mining rigs, people accidentally deleting wallets, people falling for Ponzi schemes and obvious scams.”

Time to dig into the likely the future of bitcoin cryptocurrency because the Buttcoins are getting curious!


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