Karachi is the largest city of Pakistan and its essence lies in the modern cafes, amusement parks, shopping malls, libraries and gaming lounges offering a wide variety of stuff to satisfy everyone in a particular way. Out of these places, modern cafes in Karachi are the most visited place, by people of different age groups.

These three modern cafes in Karachi are offering something special to their customers.

1- Pi Social

The newly opened Pi social is one of its kind. It has a board game lounge which offers over 100 international board games. The concept of board game cafes has been around internationally but it is new for the Karachiites.

The cafe is divided into three different spaces:

  • The board game lounge
  • Veranda
  • Pi and CO

You need to buy an entrance pass for 329 to enter the board game lounge, you can play unlimited games for as long as you want, without any additional charges.

2- Once Upon A Time

Once upon a time or OUAT cafe has been the talk of the town for its out of the box setup. This cafe serves dishes from different parts of the world and is a heaven for bookworms, with a huge range of books available.

Did you know it has a a basement equipped with some really good musical stuff? Well, there’s a great news for music lovers particularly the ones that enjoy singing at the peak of their voices until they choke to death. You can actually have a karaoke night with your friends at their basement. Now how cool is that?!

3- T2F

Formerly known as the second floor cafe, T2F is an initiative of PeaceNiche a community project started by the late social activist Sabeen Mehmud.

This place is for all the art, literature and science lovers. Its commitment to promote these fields have helped them grow a lot in the past days.

Karachi being the metropolitan city has a fair amount of modern, desi and historical places, catering everyone according to their requirements which is why we love being a Karachiite.


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