Sometimes, we all want something more than just a normal film. We want to try something new, watch something new, feel something new. And believe me, Asim Abbasi took good care of that. He did not direct just another Pakistani movie, he directed a blockbuster for the audience of Pakistan, as well as overseas.

Cake the Film is more than just a fake drama that we see in online movies. It portrays a reality, something we all can relate to completely or partially. The love of a family that comes with sacrifices, compromises, and hundreds of promises is what we can see in the movie.

The film is a story of a dysfunctional family with two sisters. The Zindagi Gulzar Hai star, Sanam Saeed plays the role of ‘Zara’, one of the two sisters who leaves home due to some unspecified reason, while the stunning Aamina Sheikh plays ‘Zareen’, the other sister who is the caretaker and the head of the family. The family reunites after years, and all the past wounds open in the most unexpected way.


I still don’t understand why the movie was named ‘Cake’. Yes, it is true that when it comes to a family, the love is never enough. In the movie’s terms, a slice of cake is not enough. But believe it or not, family is not just a sweet piece of cake. It is sweet, often sour, and sometimes bitter but altogether, it is something we all can’t live without.

There is something about family struggles, love, tears, and losses that we absolutely love watching.The film is better than the trailer, is what was promised by Abbasi before the release of his movie. And guess what? We think so too!

According to the latest news, Cake the film has released. So, I hope each and every one of you enjoy the movie as much as every person did. And, let’s hope that it encourages other Pakistani directors to think and make movies on simpler stories like property disputes, sibling rivalries and petty issues that become so big just because they remain unsolved.

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