Hardships Faced By Women

The society perceives women as the inferior gender. Due to which they face many hurdles, affliction, and adversity. In many different phases of life. Sometimes mentally while sometimes physically.
Additional IG Investigation Abu Bakar Khuda Bakhsh while speaking at a seminar executed by a non-government organization on Thursday stated that:
“In the past 11 months, around 862 women have been murdered while 2,864 have been raped.”
And this calls for the implementation of laws on women. There are many laws on the rights of women but the implementation is the basic need.

Implementation of Laws

He further stated that:
“There are plenty of laws and their implementation is also important.”
All of these cases should be under the supervision of no less rank than an SP. Intellectual and skillful staff is a necessitate to handle the matters which need careful and precise supervision and judgment.
 People should have knowledge about these issues as the behavior of the society is never positive with the survivors. There receive scars for life, physically and simultaneously emotionally too.
The discussion demanded the government allocate sufficient financial and adequate human resources to ensure smooth provision of justice. And also the implementation of laws on women.


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