A former Cambodian opposition leader, Sam Rainsy, took a legal action against Facebook in a case that shows how to get some ‘likes’ there has started a crackdown against the country’s leading politicians in the small Southeast Asian country.

In a petition the federal court of U.S. asked Facebook, the social media giant, how did the celebrity page of Prime minister Hun Sen gained so much popularity and how did it obtain all the ‘likes’ on it.  It was asked if the Prime minister has bought all the likes on this page and did violations of the Facebook policies.

Hun Sen, the current Prime minister of the country has served and ruled Cambodia since more than three decades and does not have any threat from the opposition in this year’s election after the biggest opposition team, Cambodia National Rescue Party planned to dissolve.  But Facebook has always been the biggest source for Sen and his party to get public outreach.

A thorough analysis in Facebook’s Socialbrakers showed that most of the ‘likes’ in this page are from India and Philippines which have been denied by the officials.

Currently, the ball is in Hun Sen’s court as Ram Sainy faces criminal proceedings for ‘accusing and trying to defame Hun Sen by questioning the likes on his page’

In a statement, the attorney of the exiled opposition leader, Richard Rogers said “In the last few years, the Facebook platform has been misused and manipulated by Cambodia’s autocratic dictator, intent on maintaining power at all costs, The petition raises fundamental questions about how Facebook should deal with human rights abusers who manipulate elections.”

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