Let’s defeat your inner monster not for others but for the one who is always with YOU. 


At some time or other, we are all struggling with the life. No matter how happy we look but it’s the reality happiest people are the saddest. Because we find it easy to smile rather than explaining for being sad.

We are all afraid of talking about our situations and circumstances. Because we don’t want to express that what we are going through. We don’t want to show our inner-self. But at the same time, we all need to cope all this uncertain situation. A situation of skepticism, a situation of helplessness and most probably a state of depression, unhappiness or hopelessness.

Somethings aren’t easy to reveal, because it looks like you are exposing all your secrets to the world. it can never be easy to write about yourself, to talk about your-self. Because by doing this you are giving an open invitation to the world to mock yourself. This fear of mocking leads you to the world of your own-self. A world of isolation, serenity and ease. Which results in Loneliness and Depression.

Remember! You’re human that can get hurt. Don’t pretend because it’s exhausting. Sometimes It’s okay to be alone, it’s okay to feel the emptiness. It’s okay to shed tears and ruin your mascara. It’s okay unmask and it’s okay to let the things go. Admit all this because the things will be healed with time remember just healed not changed.

And then go on with your life because it’s not the end, just recollect yourself. Because It’s you that matters, your presence and most importantly your existence matters. Just ignore your inner monster of depression and enjoy the colors of happiness and joy. Taste the moments of enjoyment with all your taste buds. Shed the pain in tears and smile. A real one and a genuine one. By accepting all your heartaches just learn to move forward with a contagious smile on your face.

Let people talk

Just ignore the world

Admit the things


Omit the despair

Open the door of hope


Close the door of doubts

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