Instagram , being one of the most sophisticated photo sharing app of the world, has been used by over 700 million users. Despite of such impressive following, Instagram hasn’t be able to offer photo uploading functionality for their users using the app from Desktop.

This is a remarkable disability particularly if you cover any event from Digital Camera or any device other than smartphone. You can’t be able to put your pictures in Instagram or apply your favorite photo filters.

We’ve searched couple of handy ways to upload and filtrate pictures on instagram. You can use these methods till Instagram add the functionality in their Desktop versions to be launched in future.

  1. Via BlueStacks

    BlueStacks is a free Android emulater that can run android apps on your Desktop. You can upload your pictures on Instagram using BlueStacks software.
    Simply download and install Bluestack, opt for right language and location. Since location doesn’t matter a lot here, you can dismiss this option.

    Log in and set up BlueStacks. Click ‘continue’ at the bottom left, you can login using your google account. Read the terms and conditions and click ‘OK’ (if you agree).
    Checkboxes afterwards are optional, you can leave them all unticked assuming that you’re using BlueStacks just to upload pictures on instagram.

    Select the folder from the menu located on left sideline. Now select the photos to upload from your PC.
    Using  ‘Complete action using’, select Instagram and login through your valid credentials. Now you can see Instagram mobile app opened up on your desktop just like your smartphone.
    You can now utilize all functionalities of Instagram picture editing, you can crop your photo and apply a filter. Once you’re done, click ‘Next’, enter a caption and choose where to share your photo to. Click ‘Share’ and it will be added to your profile for the world to see.

  2.  Via Dropbox

    Another way to upload pictures on Instagram is through cloud storage service Dropbox. You’ve to create Dropbox account if you haven’t registered so far. Download and install the Dropbox client software available for windows and MAC OS. Install the Dropbox app for android or iOS as per your requirement on your phone and log in.
    Insert a photo from your PC into your new Dropbox folder. It will be synced automatically with the mobile app.
    Now pick you phone, Open the Dropbox, and tap your photo to select. Tap the arrow pointing downward in the top right. tap ‘Export’ and choose Instagram. The Instagram app will open and you can apply filters and share your photos as usual.

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