Marijuana is Legal all over Canada

Canadians are in the best spirits because recreational cannabis is now legal all over Canada. Cannabis was banned from 1923 until regulated medical cannabis became legal in 2001. It became legal in 17, October 2018, where people cheered and celebrated unrelentingly.

 Marijuana used recreationally?

It has vast supremacy and downsides as well. Countless reckless teenagers use it because they have the misconception that they’ll have pleasure, besides that, numerous permanent consequences come with temporary pleasure.

Marijuana used for medicinal purposes?

It has numerous medicinal uses.  Marijuana is smoked to get rid of nausea, glaucoma, appetite stimulation, mucous membrane inflammation, leprosy, fever, dandruffhemorrhoidsobesityasthma, cough, anorexia with weight loss in AIDS patients, pain, and multiple sclerosis.
Countries all over the world have legalized Cannabis, besides Canada like Jamaica, Costa Rica, Belize, Mexico, Colombia, Peru and many more. But Canada has made several impenetrable laws which you have to follow.

What is the legal age to grow or use Marijuana?

You have to be an adult to have any possession or to use Cannabis because the legal age to grow it is 18 in two provinces and 19 in the rest.

Where can I buy it from?

Cannabis will not be available in sublime quantities anywhere because it will be available in a finite amount. More importantly, it will not be available where Alcohol or Tobacco is available. You will have to buy it from retailers.

Can I travel out of the country with Marijuana?

You cannot travel out of the country or enter, with Cannabis.

Why has Marijuana become legal?

Canada wants to hail the use of cannabis by the juvenile. More importantly, they want to halt the marijuana-related crimes.


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