Great initiatives were witnessed this women’s day and we are here to appreciate every effort that is a step towards women empowerment and better world.

This day marks an official day to celebrate and appreciate female efforts and sacrifices. From appreciating influential women to supporting the less-powerful ones, women’s day is almost coming to its end in a significant way.

Apart from website appearance, tech-giants were seen introducing women-oriented policies in accordance with women’s day:

The massive tech-giant; Google is known for its Google doodles, which pops up on the official website as soon as an international event comes up. While keeping the ritual continue, Google also introduced its new business policy that will identify ‘women-led’ businesses.

Like we said, famous tech companies were seen highly contributive this day. Here’s another top news from the tech world.

Leading ride-hailing application announced its share of effort to make women independent and stronger.

Careem proudly announced that the company will recruit more female captains (drivers) on their platform. It will start to have 20,000 female captains till 2020.

Currently, Careem’s female captains are working in Pakistan, UAE, Egypt, Jordan, Morocco, Lebanon, and Palestine.

It also announced to have female drivers in Saudi Arabia after the country removed its ban on female driving.

Careem now has its services in almost 100 cities across the wider Middle East and some 500,000 Captains signed up to its platform across the network.

Pakistan has the highest number of female Careem captains:

Country labelled with titles like ‘oppressed, narrow and backward.’ Pakistan has the highest number of female drivers working in the internationally famous car-hailing application.

Not only does the female captains drive cars, they also serve as Captain in Careem’s rickshaw and bike services in Pakistan.

Careem is confident that it’s Women’s captain Committee will be able to create better platform and experience for the new female drivers.

The committee involves Captain Experience, Safety and Security, Social Impact, Sustainability and Supply teams within Careem.

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