Careem and Uber have resolved the issue of secure transportation in Pakistan to some extent. Ever since these services have launched in the country, people are at least able to reach their destinations safely. However, people were not happy when Careem, the most established ride service in the region raised its charges due to the increased prices of fuel. Peak factor was becoming another issue as it raises the charges beyond the acceptable limit.

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All these factors were affecting the image of the company badly. Public reviews were going against them which was obviously another danger for the company’s prestige. Therefore, this month Careem decided to do reduced the prices of their Bike and Rickshaw services. 

Careem Bike and Careem Tezz are the economic options of transport by the company and now the firm is making them even cheaper in order to make it more available to the public.

The price updates are pretty welcoming to the public. For the starters, the first five kilometers will only cost Rs 49 if you are riding from Careem Bike and Rs 60 if you are availing the services of Careem Tezz.

Following is the base fare of Careem Tezz

  •  Rs. 2.5 for additional per minute charge using Careem Tezz.
  • Rs. 13 for additional per kilometer charge using Careem Tezz.

While for the Careem Bike the charges are

  • Rs. 2 for additional per minute charge using Careem Bike
  • Rs. 5 for additional per kilometer charge using Careem Bike

Other specifications of charges are available on ‘Careem Calculator’ on their official website.

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