Source: The Express Tribune

Pakistan is a country where there is only one right known – ‘go straight and turn right from xyz paan shop’. And god forbid when you use the word rights along with women. However, baby steps that are being taken in this regard need to be appreciated by everyone.

After taking incentive of hiring female drivers in Saudi Arabia, well-known ride-hailing company Careem begin with their women empowerment scheme in Pakistan by introducing female biking captains in Lahore. These women will be the first female bikers providing customers with the service.

Riffat Shiraz stands as the very first woman to be a part of this scheme. The lady is found to be a very passionate biker and a strong woman who is all aware of her wants. Talking to media she stated,

“If you are scared, the fear will lead you nowhere. Today, if you are going to be scared, then tomorrow you will not be able to do anything.”

Indeed a very strong remark. But do you think if this step will actually help in bringing women empowerment to this country?

As soon as the news went viral, social media got flooded with mixed opinions about the incentive. Now let’s just hope this idea by a globally giant business set-up – Careem, considering women as an equal gender gets accepted by the society.

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