After the success of the Black dress campaign by the stars at Golden Globe awards this year, a number of celebrities were spotted donning a white rose on the Grammys red carpet.

This initiative was taken to support the Time’s Up movement by the stars which was started by more than 300 personalities in entertainment industry. The purpose of this movement is to show solidarity with and combat against the growing sexual harassment in the entertainment industry.

Furthermore, the campaign has a structure for legal defense fund which provides assistance to women in other industries as well.

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A group formed by Meg Harkins, Voices in Entertainment, encouraged their colleagues to participate in this movement.

A letter from the group said ‘As we are inspired by the #timesup campaign, we are encouraging the artists that we work with and our colleagues attending the 60th Annual Grammy Awards in New York City to wear a white rose to the ceremony on Sunday, January 28th. We choose the white rose because historically it stands for hope, peace, sympathy and resistance.”

Rira Ora, Kelly Clarkson, Camila Cabello and Lady Gaga were among those who wore a white rose.

At the pre-Grammys party, the English actress and singer, Rita Ora talked about her plan to wear the white rose. She said “The white rose for so many years has been such a peaceful symbol in so many different parts of the world and for me solidarity’s so important now”



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