Just like all the preceding years, the CES event this year as well was an absolute hit show. About 3900 companies participated and exhibited a raft of cool new tech products to a pool of audience. These companies included tech giants as well as new innovative startups.  But one thing that changed this year was that the event which wrapped up on Friday was more about ideas than actual gadgets. Most of the concepts brought up by exhibitors were not market ready and will be worked upon till they can be executed into products.

Source : //money.cnn.com/2018/01/10/technology/sony-aibo-robot-dog-ces-2018/index.html

One gadget which really stood out is Aibo, the robot dog, by Sony which completely stole the show and is set to make a wave in the markets too. It was successful to win plaudits for its maker in the show and by the mainstream media. The company was pretty much victorious in creating the solid amalgamation of hardware and Artificial intelligence.

source : //www.vietnamplus.vn/ces-2018-trinh-lang-bon-cau-dieu-khien-bang-giong-noi-dau-tien/483747.vnp

The craziest launch at CES? The award has to go to Numi, the toilet by Kohler. This highly advanced toilet is like a virtual assistant that provides help in lifting the seat, preparing the bidet and playing songs on its speakers. Okay that’s too much luxury for a toilet now. We absolutely have no idea what the creators were thinking when they produced this toilet worth of £3,900! I mean do we really need it?

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