The acid green beverage is bursting up all over social media as fast food fans goggle at the photogenic drink.

Quoted the Melon Float, it is a cup of Fanta Melon Twist topped with a scoop of soft ice-cream.

The melon drink is unfortunately not currently available in most countries as it has only hit the menu in McDonald’s restaurants in Japan and Thailand.

Here is a review of the drink by a YouTube channel called HellthyJunkFood.




The flavor is quintessential for soft drinks in Japan, evidently a “cream soda” in the country refers specifically to a melon flavoured drink with ice-cream rather than the American vanilla version you can buy in UK stores.

But if you do happen to be waging by Tokyo soon then you may as well pick one up, the richly colored brew will set you back just ¥280 which is roughly £2.00.

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