Following LG, The Korean tech giant Samsung also shows their prowess in the display technology at the CES 2018. The company showcased a giant 146-inch microLED TV called ‘The Wall’ and an AI-powered 85-inch 8K TV this Monday.

The Wall boasts of 146-inch self-emitting microLED display technology and modular functionality.

“The MicroLED technology featured in The Wall eliminates the need for color filters or backlight, yet allows the screen to offer consumers the ultimate viewing experience. Also, the MicroLED screen excels in durability and effectiveness, including luminous efficiency, the light source lifetime and power consumption, setting the standard for future screen technology,” Samsung explains on its website.

The mighty microLED contains an edge-to-edge display. The Wall is one of the new smart TVs from Samsung that will come with the company’s Bixby digital assistant.

“2018 Samsung Smart TVs will also offer easier sharing and connectivity, thanks to SmartThings, Samsung’s IoT platform hub. It offers a simpler way to control the television and sync with other devices. 2018 will also see the launch of Universal Guide – an advanced program guide which automatically recommends TV programs and content according to a user’s preferences,” Samsung announced.

Other than giant TV, Samsung also exhibited a Q9S featuring Artificial Intelligence and massive 8K resolution. According to the company, “The Q9S incorporates AI technology to deliver clear and pristine 8K resolution for any type of content. Using a proprietary algorithm, the Q9S continuously learns from itself to intelligently upscale the resolution of the content it shows — no matter the source of that content — to gorgeous 8K.”

The biggest rival for Samsung’s new TV is LG’s 88-inch 8K TV. Moreover, LG has also showcased a 65-inch display that can be rolled like a paper. Touted as the world’s first 65-inch UHD rollable OLED display, LG says the display can be rolled in and easily removed and stored.

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