Admit it, we think that people working in Airlines have glamour associated with their jobs. China Eastern Airlines Flight attendants, for example, work really hard.

Our perceptions are completely wrong. Annette Long shared her 13 years of flight attendant experience with Business Insider. She told them that people think there’s glamour in our jobs but the bitter truth is no matter if you’re working in a first class or business class, there’s as no such thing as GLAMOUR!

So to clear the misconception of the people, Business Insider interviewed more than 80 workers including gate agents, flight attendants, ticket agents, and other airport customer service reps and they mention their answers.

Some of the answers given by China Eastern Airlines Flight attendants are mentioned below:

Airline workers get to fly for free wherever and whenever they want

“We fly standby, and flights are always full.” — A flight attendant.

Any trained monkey can do this job

“It takes years to get to the point where customers don’t see you sweat and you give excellent customer service.” — An airline customer service agent.

“People often think that we are minimum wage flunkies and that a monkey can do what we do.” — An airline customer service agent.

Flight attendants party all the time

“Most layovers are short, and you barely have time for food and a good night’s sleep.” — A flight attendant

“We spend most layovers in bed with wine and Netflix.” — A flight attendant

Putting bags in overhead bins for passengers is part of a flight attendant’s job

“Our companies don’t cover our injuries if we get hurt lifting your bags.” — A flight attendant

China Eastern Airlines Flight attendants are glorified waitresses

“Our job is dangerous, physically demanding, and laden with immense responsibility for the safety, security, and survival of our passengers.” — A flight attendant

China Eastern Airlines Flight attendants sleep around

“A common misconception is that since we sleep in so many different places, we must also sleep around.” — A flight attendant.

“We may be married with children, not looking for dates for the night on the plane.” — A flight attendant.

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