If you find yourself at KFC’s new ‘KPRO‘ restaurant in the Chinese city of Hangzhou, you can pay for your mighty meal at the concept franchise simply by flashing your pearly whites at the self-service kiosk.

The system uses a 3D camera mounted at the top of a touchscreen kiosk where you place your order; enter your phone number there and let it snap a photo of you, and your meal is paid for through your Alipay account. That means you can leave your phone at home the next time you head out to grab dinner.

This sort of innovation is interesting because it negates the need for a device to authenticate your identity, and ties your bank account even more closely to your phone number.

You’re right to be concerned about how secure that solution might be; Ant Financial, which has dreamed this up and implemented it in that lone KFC restaurant, says that the Smile to Pay tech is smart enough to detect whether people are trying to hoax the camera with still photos or videos.

Having the option to authenticate payments with your face, card or your phone would make it easier to access services around town, and exit checkout lanes quicker.

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