Pakistan Looks for Financial Bailout

Pakistan’s Prime Minister “Imran Khan” started his 4-day journey on Friday, 2 November, to meet the President of China to gain financial support.

Pakistan is going through a catastrophic time as it has “hit a low” in revenue and current account deficiency.  The economy needs to overcome a shortfall after foreign exchange reserves dominated more than 40 percent this year. The current account deficiency widened and the currency lost a quarter of its value since December.

Pakistan wants to build a relationship with China.  The President of China stated that he is willing to “build a new era of China-Pakistan destiny.” Pakistan has had financial ties with China for a long time.

A bailout is the only option left for Pakistan to plunge out from this distressed situation. China is holding out a helping-hand for Pakistan. Pakistan is reaching out to different countries to gain funds. So that it does not entirely depend on a single country or source.

Imran Khan stated that he also wants to learn how to terminate poverty and corruption from China.


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