Chinas cosmetic market is a billion-dollar industry, it is one of the largest markets in the world. The cosmetics and personal care network in china has experienced wide scale growth in the past couple of years and this can be associated with the growth in the millennial generation which has increased the demand, add to that the increase in the middle class sector and an improvement in the standard of living and you have an entire class of individuals with higher purchasing power. This has made china a golden egg for the foreign and domestic industry this industry has been experiencing the most growth in terms of buying potential and willingness to purchase consumers are willing to pay more for brands that have a better perception in the market.

Many cosmetics and personal care international brands have created wechat and webio accounts to engage their customers this is a platform for brands to quickly engage with their customers. Cross border e commerce makes international brands easily available to Chinese customers with fewer barriers such as tax etc.  A few international brands Dior is a very popular foreign luxury brand with a strong presence both in ecommerce and social media its campaign for Asian skin with products being specifically designed and tested on Asian skin ie the Diorsnow Essence-of-Light Lotion.

For consumers in china social status is very important for most customers in china using luxury brand or expensive makeup is a way of showing their status. Chinese females are very brand conscious buying from huge brands as they believe that higher prices equal to a higher quality and better ingredients. Chinese women have an average of 6-7 steps in their daily beauty routine, Generation Z women have started to use cosmetics earlier and big firms have started taking use of this and sensitizing women to the use of makeup and skin care.

The consumer attitude to makeup has majorly changed in china, 90% Chinese prefer to do their research and prefer to gather information through reviews and other sources.

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