China has been enjoying the status of the largest mobile phone market in the world since quite a time now.

According to data from research firm Canalys, after about 9 years, the annual shipments of the country’s mobile phone market have gone down dramatically by 4%.

According to Mo Jia, the research analyst at Canalys, now that the consumers have upgraded from basic phones to entry-level smartphones, they do not feel a need of another one.

Mr Jia in his interview with BBC said, “The phones they have now are already good enough. We say that it’s gone from a ‘change’ market to a ‘stop’ market,”

It is important to note that the entry level smartphones are equipped with numerous features with an extended life period. Hence this has driven the consumers stick to these entry level smartphones because they see no need to go for China manufactured smartphones.

According to Canalys, there is no chance of Chinese smartphones market going up until 5G devices hit the market in 2019.

Huawei, the world widely used brand has shown a double digit growth which represents that irrespective of this major decline in the overall market, brands such as Oppo ,Vivo and Huwai itself will continue to dominate the Chinese handset market this year.


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