Circadia – Make Your Sleep More Sound And Morning Less Groggy


Have you ever wondered why do you feel jovial on a bright sunny day and low-spirited when it’s dark?

All because of Light.

Light is the external factor that influences our internal body clock, also known as circadian rhythm. If circadian rhythm goes off balance, it hinders our daily routine such as work exhaustion, feeling tedious during the daytime, and unsound sleep.

Circadia is your ultimate solution to sync back your circadian rhythm with the day-night cycle using light which helps you to wake up refreshed, increase productivity, and feel revitalized during your day.

The whole Circadia System includes:

  • The Circadia Sleep Tracker
  • The Circadia Lamp
  • The Circadia Sleep App

The Circadia Sleep Tracker

Source: Kickstarter

Circadia introduces contactless sleep trackers, the most advanced trackers.

Best in class detecting innovation incorporated with the tracker can accumulate sleep behavior in your room. This data helps Circadia system to examine your sleep with detailed accuracy from 8 feet away.

Sleep Tracker then keeps track of heart rate, breathing rate, body movements with your sleep. Learning algorithms then predict the stages of sleep.

The system uses this information to predict your behavior and performance throughout the day.

Algorithms then accurately predict how much your internal body clock, circadian rhythm, is out of sync with the ideal one.

Without the need of self-check, all the predictions, and information on how to get back in sync display on your phone screens.

Provides Better Sleep

Integrated with various sensors, Circadia sleep tracker analyzes how you fall asleep and what environment provides you better sleep.

Wake Up Revitalized

Incorporated with inbuilt dawn light and audible alarm, it determines your wake-up time and helps you wake up refreshed.

Light activates earlier than your wake-up time to give a shine of natural dawn light.

Audible alarm lets you the choose alarm sound to your own liking.

Circadia Therapy Lamp

Source: Kickstarter

Being the pioneer of the first portable therapy lamp, it uses technology inspired by NASA to get your internal body clock synced for your day ahead.

Makes Your Morning Boosted With Energy

It helps you with customized therapy programs, according to your sleep data, that boost your morning with energy right after you wake up.


Increases Productivity And Performance

Do you feel tired throughout the day? Here is Circadia, providing you with the ‘visual caffeine’ with its smart technology. It gives you the boost during the day, and powers through the night.


Here’s the timeline for the product. They have crossed several miles since 2016, and after its Kickstarter launch, they’ll end up in 2018 with mass production & shipping.

Source: Kickstarter





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