Upon asking marketers about the kind of marketing they do. The usual responses are either B2B or B2C Marketing, which means either they are targeting businesses or consumers.

Furthermore, since it’s been a long time to this traditional marketing, it’s time to move to a different access, H2H marketing.

What is H2H Marketing?

H2H stands for Human to Human marketing which itself clears the meaning.

Moving forward with time, we have realized that people want recognition, they want themselves to be treated on their own. And if making a business relationship with a company, they want to know more than what is mentioned on the website. And what their profiles can tell, they want to know about it on a personal level, with a Human to Human (H2H) connection.

Before executing this technique, make yourself comfortable by knowing the attractions of this new, H2H approach.

Focuses On Listening To The Queries

Traditional Marketing was back then restricted to one-sided sharing only. The company used to share the product and customers had either to purchase it or not. But with this H2H marketing customers are free to share their queries.

Brings Out The Real Human talk

With this approach, people develop a real human relationship with the company. And a person reacts with actual emotions and understands the other side.

Creates Shareable Relationship

A personalized message from a person of the company they are dealing with makes the customer excited. And even convinces them to buy your products, with such positive feelings.

Companies keep their Website Updated

With such close interactions, company and people both know what the expectations are. Companies keep updating their website and clients keep complimenting which helps the company to improve.

Convinces company to help

Those who had adopted H2H Marketing can clearly understand the satisfaction of the clients. The company does not force to make a purchase but shares their views regarding the purchasing of a product. And they do not try to sell a product. They leave it to the customer after sharing their views.

Grows Positive Customer Relationship

With such human interactions, clients love to work even in the future. This approach makes them happy and generates a feeling of faith and positivity.



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