Twitter was full of supporters who insisted that Rihanna looks great in her current state.


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It’s significant that in spite of the fact that this reaction denote a takeoff from the typical response to well known ladies putting on weight, I don’t think we ought to fundamentally be hopping for happiness presently. The way that we are having discussions about Rihanna’s body at all is an indication of how much accentuation, despite everything, we put on ladies’ appearance as vital and important. Furthermore, don’t imagine it any other way, the festival of Ri’s bends is about praising an alternate, yet similarly as restricting, standard of excellence.

“Many communities of color reject thinness as the ideal body type.”

For Black individuals specifically, somebody like La Anthony is nearer to the “perfect” female frame than Beyoncé or Rihanna are. It’s the reason Kim Kardashian is so attractive to Black ladies. The blast of butt increase and YouTube recordings like this one are additional evidence of this. Many individuals are giving a shout out to Rihanna’s weight pick up in light of the fact that it’s an indication that she’s pushing toward that perfect thickness. I feel quite certain that if Ri picks up what individuals feel is excessively weight, or is no longer proportionate to a hourglass, those celebratory emoji will swing to side-eyes.

In any case, here’s some somewhat random news that we can celebrate. Amidst the greater part of the discussion about her weight, Twitter has still concurred that yielding one’s beau to Rihanna, if just for a couple of minutes, is additionally thoroughly alright.

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