Anonymous Links

Often we receive anonymous links, which enforce us to click on them. Many of us do, in the result, our accounts on social media get hacked. Or the phone gets infected by some type pf virus.
Ahmed Mansour, a human rights activist hailing from the UAE states that:
“It’s not paranoia if they really are out to get you.”
When he receives unknown messages, asking him to click on links. He does not. Instead, he forwards the links to cybersecurity firm Citizen’s Lab which sent them forward to another cybersecurity firm called Lookout for investigation.


What they found was an extremely professional form of spyware. It was granted the term as very sophisticated because this spyware was designed for phones using Apple iOs software. This software was once considered extremely secure.
Pegasus is a commercial product available for bidders who have an interest in this spyware. This spyware is developed by an Israeli company NSO technologies
Once installed, the spyware controls total surveillance by installing modules which allow the person on the other hand to listen to all calls, read, texts, messages, emails, scan the contact lists, check the gallery and the history as well.
The best part about it is that it leaves no trace of its existence, there will be no prrof that a spyware had infected the phone. Even the most skilful cybersecurity experrts won’t be able to locate it. Until they know exactly what they are looking for.
Each and every technology that we use is at risk of revealing the detail of our personal life. Each and every electronic device, with aritifical intelligence, is at rish of being a potential sureliance device. Have we gone too far for our convenience? Will our convenience now compromise us?


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