Bitcoin mining is not at all a game of buying candies and selling them. It is one heck of a risky and complicated thing to play around. Not just your money, it can cost you a well-maintained mental or physical health as well. But still, the bandwagon is a trend that everybody is following so why should we really stop?

Just when you think crypto-fever is on the highest when people are buying Juice Boost to earn bitcoins, iMessage played its justified part in the crypto game leaving behind everyone’s favorite Tears of Joy Emoji.

Crypto Animated Stickers for iMessage are the talk of the town, nothing has ever screamed “sell” this loud before, not even the Bitcoin or some Buttcoin itself.

Credits: Coin Crypto Rama

Yes, you heard it right. The Bitcoin cryptocurrency bandwagon has reached iMessage, introducing some legit crazy animated sticker packs for iPhone users to spice up their messaging games in real digital numbers.

All you need to add a breakdancing bitcoin emoji is to make a quick visit to the App Store and get the bitcoin cryptomoji pack. The app description features itself in some legit words, “Get ready to wow your friends with the ALL NEW Cryptomoji animated sticker pack! Make your crypto chat conversations even more intense with more than 30 custom animated stickers.”

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These bitcoin cryptomoji have a long way to go in convincing our parents about buying bitcoins. Just send away a breakdancing bitcoin emoji wearing gold Ugg boots through iMessage and let him do the job. Your bitcoin convos can get a hundred times better with this breakdancing crypto dude as the starter pack.

You go little dancing crypto dude, beat that Year of the Dog animoji already!

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