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Still confused about how to explain the Bitcoin-mania to your parents? Prepare to vaguely understand Bananacoins, the latest cryptocurrency to hit the market. Besides being a good investment, banana prices are also easy enough for our parents to understand.

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The latest new cryptocurrency Bananacoins, is the world’s first option for investing in the production of organic bananas. In the words of developers, “Bananacoin is a utility token based on Ethereum, pegged to the export price of one kilogram of bananas.”

Now, if you wonder where did this come from? The idea came up with the demand for Growing Lady Finger bananas which has great potential for business growth, thanks to the favorable weather conditions in Laos. So, this Bananacoin plantation is growing premium Lady Finger bananas in Laos. When you buy a Bananacoin, you are investing in the supply and demand of those bananas going to China. More clearly, it is basically like investing in Laotian Banana Farms in exchange for digital tokens.

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Hands down the potassium-filled-yellow fruit.

Last time I tried convincing my dad to do some investment in Bitcoin, I had to answer a lot of questions which eventually lend me to surrender my wise-advice to dad. But now I’m hoping for Bananacoins to make my dad’s life easy, maybe.

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