Utah based food blogger, Elizabeth Labau has filed a lawsuit against an international television food channel over her signature snow globe cupcakes after they allegedly copied her ideas.

However, she cannot claim over the recipe since it is impossible  to gain copyrights over a list of ingredients.

Instead, her claim over their video showing how to make the sweet treats. Labau is claiming that the recipe went viral on her website (Sugarhero) in 2015 and has since become her signature recipe.

She released a video showing how to create the cupcakes and shortly after, an almost similar video was released by the food network. After several failed attempts at trying to get the network to give her due credit or take the video down, she decided to file the suit.

The Food Network told BBC news that they had no prior knowledge of the complaint and had just learned of the case.

“We hope Food Network will recognize their error and take steps to address this wrongful misappropriation,” said Labau’s lawyer.

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