Initiatives taken by people to encourage women empowerment cannot be denied in the present age. Different organizations operate with an aim to cultivate and groom women leaders in the aerospace industry.

Women in Global Aviation

US and UK stats indicate that only 4% of the pilots are women. Though slowly, the percentage is growing with the passage of time. Luckily, the US is among those countries which have public data available on their women pilots. As per Federal Aviation Administration, there are 42,694 women to hold US pilot certificates, making around 7% of all pilots (this includes students, private pilots, commercial pilots, and airline pilots). 6,994 women have FAA airline pilot certificates. The US is observed to hire more female pilots.

Years between 2007 and 2017 were marked by women growth in aviation, where the percentage of US women pilots increased by 19%, where a total number of pilots was grown by only 3%. Likewise, women airline pilots increased by 31%.

In addition to this, data of the UK Civil Aviation Authority exists publicly, whereby, 4.3% of the airline pilot’s positions in the UK are women. Again, this is a small, but growing ratio, as compared to January 2008 (that was just 3.4%).

International Society of Women Airline Pilots (ISWAP) collects data regarding women contribution in aviation across various countries around the world. According to data of 79 airlines, published on their website, there are 7,468 women, serving the aviation industry as pilots, hence, making 5.2% of the entire group. Among them, 18% i.e. 1,393 women are captains.

CAPA to Reveal the Role of Women in 3 Big Airlines of US

CAPA reveals the fact that the highest number of female pilots constitutes 3 big airlines of US:

  • 940 women pilots in United Airlines
  • 692 in Delta Airlines
  • 626 in American

Top ten airlines, as revealed by CAPA, giving opportunities to more than 100 women pilots include:

  • United
  • Delta
  • American
  • Lufthansa
  • IndiGo
  • SkyWest
  • Southwest
  • British Airways
  • Air Canada
  • FedEx Express

Swiftly expanding Indian LCC IndiGo became a part of the ISWAP list, for its attempt to hire a considerable number of women pilots. It employs 322 female pilots, compared to 69, approximately five years back.

In addition to Indian LCC IndiGo, there are other 37 airlines, who employ at least 5% of the women pilots.

It is clear women are a part of every leading game in the world. If given more opportunities, they can stand out in every profession out there!

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