Netherlands have been attacked by several cyber-attacks, over the week and have taken control over the internet banking services as well as blocked access to it. This was reported on Monday.

ING one of the first Dutch bank faces denial of service on Sunday. Following, the 3rd largest lender ABN Amro too suffered 3 attacks in a row, on the weekend. Altogether 7 hits have been suffered.

Even the country’s 2nd lender, Rabobank faced trouble providing their clients internet banking services.

“We are working to resolve the problem as quickly as possible,” she told AFP.

ING’s 8 million clients (private) went through the attack on the Sunday evening. However ABN Amro has similar issues but the services were reinstated.

“During the DDoS attack ING’s internet site was blasted with data traffic causing our servers to overload and which put pressure on the availability of online banking,” ING said adding services had been restored.

Till now no client details have been revealed.

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