With the proliferation of screens in our lives – phone screen, tablets, Kindles, computers – television isn’t the only source of eye strain for kids and adults. But, unlike in case of adults, it is harder to gauge when children develop vision issues.

“More often than not, vision problems go unnoticed until children begin school,” said associate professor of Ophthalmology Marcela Frazier, “Children grow up naturally adapting to vision issues, so when they get into school and start reading and learning, that is when parents and teachers begin to notice certain problems.”

Here they give nine signs for parents to look out that suggest children may need an eye exam.

1. Complaining of headaches


2. Becoming fatigued after reading


3. Poor sports performance


4. Squinting or closing one eye


5. Blinking or rubbing eyes


6. Poor reading ability and comprehension


7. Poor school performance


8. Holding electronic devices or books too close to eyes


9. Losing their place while reading


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