There is no doubt that we Muslims highly respect every holy month of our Hijri calendar and every holy month has its own significance and blessings. However, the sacred month of Ramadan has much more significance than the others, as Muslims enjoy countless blessings and get benefited a lot! According to the saying of the Prophet Mohammad (P.B.U.H.),

“When the month of Ramadan arrives, the doors of mercy are opened.”

(These are not the actual words of hadis it is just a literal meaning.)

It is also said that in the holy month of Ramadan, the doors of heaven are opened and the doors of hell are closed and devils are chained. These are the reasons why this month holds immense importance than others. Muslims keep fast and abstain themselves from food, drink and marital relationship from dawn to sunset.  It is the month where the believer gets more than what he/she deserves and the rewards of the deeds get more than doubled. Consequently, our efforts to do more good deeds also increase. Similarly, television channels also host their programs for special Ramadan transmission.

One of the reputed private television channels “Apna channel” as also organized a prestigious program that aimed not only to educate the viewers regarding the religion but also to fulfill “Huquq-ul-ibaad” by helping the people. Famous RJ, TV host and media sensation Asif Malik Riaz is hosting the show. The show was to be watched throughout Ramadan.

About the transmission

The show starts at 4 pm and ends at iftar time. Various topics are discussed in the show’s segments. Religious scholars and guest belonging to other fields are invited to teach the audience regarding Islamic terms and obligations. Also, the guests talk about social life by relating Islamic teachings with everyday matters. In addition to this, the host talks a religious person through video calls to further deliver knowledge.

Apart from these, in a special segment named “Apna Hai Ramzan ka dastarkhuaan” chef Rubi delights the mood of the viewers by cooking spicy iftar delicacies and by asking funny questions from the audience. Moreover, in a segment called “Nanha mehmaan” children from the orphanages are invited as a guest to encourage the people to help them through their donations.

What’s my objective of writing this???

A number of so-called “religious shows” are being on aired on a variety of channels. However, I found only a few of them decent good who are really proving their purpose. “Apna Hai Ramzan” is a masterpiece and can be an inspiration for others, as they are truly working on their objectives to do good deeds and guide people for the right path. I wonder how renowned media persons are Ramadan transmission just to gain publicity. Asif Malik Riaz is really doing the appreciable job and is hosting the show with decency by respecting this sacred month.  I recommend you all to watch this show to gain knowledge and to know other people as well.  May you all get rewards of the hard work you are doing in this month. Happy Ramadan!



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