Around 1.5 million bikes are stolen annually in the US, 70 every day in Berlin, 450,000 annually in the Netherlands and 1 every 9 seconds in the UK. And these are just the official figures. Real figures might be higher. You must be careful, your bike could be the next target!

Ordinary bike locks are not secure enough to protect your bikes from being stolen. Because thieves have every other tool to break any standard security locks. So you need to be clever yet innovative to make your bikes secure.

Deeper Lock offers you advance bike security system. Its motion sensors are always ready to keep your bike safe. The lock has a 110 dB alarm, which sounds alerting to those nearby. Anti-theft notification is sent to your phone notifying you of the situation. It has a built-in GPS tracking system so you’ll know where your bike is. It also has a special feature of self-charging, which let the motion sensors work 24/7.


There’s no denying the fact that this lock is smart enough to protect your bike, but you must be wondering about its toughness. Yes! its strong enough to withstand attacks. The lock is manufactured with the toughest materials, making it as strong as possible. Even the sensitive electronic components have been encased in hardened steel.


Deeper Lock also has a smart app, which let the users lock without the need for a key. The app uses 2 forms of encryption, including ECC which is authorised for use by the US Government. If your phone’s out of battery, just log in to the app on another phone to unlock, or use the emergency NFC tag which comes with the lock. Besides locking, you can get an anti-theft alert on your phone through the app if your bike’s at risk, and it also lets users use the map to track bike’s location and share its access to their family and friends.

Deeper Lock is done with every milestone and expected to hit its final one i.e. its product shipping to backers by the next year.

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