A study reveals that Yoga can decrease the symptoms of depression.

Yes, people prefer taking antidepressants but in some extreme cases, antidepressants work for just an hour or so. Around 10% – 30% of people fail to respond to these medicines or some just see a minor improvement that too doesn’t last for long.

Stress and back pain can easily be reduced by practicing yoga but studies also reveal that yoga can also treat depression.

In a research, each participant was involved in a Hatha Yoga session, twice weekly for eight weeks. The sessions include meditation, breathing exercise, and physical exercise.

The experiment proved that participants with high depression before the eight weeks challenge indicated a noticeable reduction in depression scores after the challenge.

Sarah Shallit – of Alliant International University in San Francisco, CA along with her colleagues, separated the participants to a twice-weekly session of Bikram Yoga for the same time period of eight weeks.

Bikram yoga consists of 26 postures. The rest of the participants went through the other session of Bikram yoga and after the completion, Sarah with her colleagues analyzed the results at four different points: at study baseline, at weeks three and eight, and at one week after the yoga sessions had stopped.

After comparing both the groups, They assessed that Bikram yoga sessions were more effective.

Study co-author Nina Vollbehr said, “These studies suggest that yoga-based interventions have promise for depressed mood and that they are feasible for patients with chronic, treatment-resistant depression.”

“At this time, we can only recommend yoga as a complementary approach, likely most effective in conjunction with standard approaches delivered by a licensed therapist. Clearly, yoga is not a cure-all. However, based on empirical evidence, there seems to be a lot of potentials.”

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