Get set to take out your travel weekend shoes because as you scroll down this article will definitely make you head out to the great Bahawalpur in no time.

Bahawalpur, the princely state of Nawaabs in Punjab. This royal city boasts a treasure of historic buildings, monuments, and parks that many of you might have never heard of. Cutting it short, here is a roller coaster ride through everything about Bahawalpur you need to check out this weekend and better plan a visit for the upcoming one. Cause’ trust me, this city is worth it.

Places to see in Bahawalpur

Whenever you plan to go Bahawalpur, you better take a road trip. Why? Because of the safe well-maintained roads, lush green felids and visual calmness on the way.

Bahawalpur is a goldmine of rich ancient history and aura in its own. You will be stunned by the many beautiful forts, mosques, tombs and appealing Mughal architecture. Along with sheer royalty, Bahawalpur is also enriched with nature, the very famous Cholistan Desert and Laal Sohanra National Park and a lot more.

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  1. Abbasi Mosque – an attractive replica of Moti Mosque in Delhi is one fine piece of ancient construction.

2. Derawar Fort – visible from several miles in the Cholistan Desert, this majestic Fort is a sight not to miss.


3. Darbar Mahal – showered with amazing royalty, Darbar Mahal will take you back to the ancient Mughal times.


4. Noor Mahal – an epitome of stunning interior and exterior.

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5. Tomb of Bibi Jawindi in Uch Sharif – 73 KM out of the city, this place is worth the drive.


6. Baab-e-Farid (Farid Gate) – a signature landmark in Bahawalpur.


7. The Sadiq Garh Palace – Bahawalpur and royalty at their best.


8. Laal Sohanra National Park – one of the largest national parks of South Asia.

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9. Central Library – the finest architectural marvel.

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10. Gulzaar Mahal – a strikingly beautiful construct of history.

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11. Govt. Boys High School Bahawalpur (build in 1911) – who would believe it’s a school?

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12. Royal Graveyard – a final resting place of all the Nawabs of Bahawalpur.


Things to get from Bahawalpur

Shopping in local bazaars of Bahawalpur is no ordinary mission. The streets are congested and noisy but the stuff you can get from there is totally worth it.

Here is what you must get from the city as souvenirs.

  1. Phulkari Dupattas
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2. Hand worked clothes/bags

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3. Ajrak

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4. Chandi Jewelry

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5. Ralli Work bedding


6. Chunri

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