Up till now, the furthest we have gone to evaluate our phone’s prestige is to gold plate them, but that is soon going to be changed. Most of the companies use gorilla glass to manufacture strong bodies of smartphones but recently a diamond company claimed to be working with phone makers to make a diamond glass screen for phones.

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Akhan’s diamond glass intent to use nanocrystal pattern that decreases the chances of deep cracks or serious damage to the screen. Hence the diamond screen is expected to be stronger than any material which has been made used to make smartphone screens. However, the diamonds are not the natural ones, they are completely lab grown.

Adam Khan, the CEO of Akhans had come up with somewhat a similar promise in 2017 though now he says that the new technology is being tested with different experiments and is not ready yet to be launched in the market but soon in 2019 it will be there.

The positive thing about the news is that not only the display of our phones will be taken one step ahead but the diamond plating is going to solve many other issues such as glare on the display screens.

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