Huawei is to launch a new phone, The Mate 10 Pro, the phone is currently ready to pre-order in the U.S.A, however, there is not much deal with the US carrier. In order to create hype company slipped in few ideas. The team decided to originate fake reviews.

The fake reviews were exclusively on the Best Buy’s Website. On Jan 31st, Huawei posted on a Facebook group asking over 60k members to drop a comment on the Best Buy pre-sale page. In return for which they would get a chance to test the Mate 10 Pro.

‘Tell us how to why you want to own the Mater 10 Pro in the review section of out pre-sale Best buy retail page’. This original post was taken down.

At this time the website holds 108 reviews for the phone. Out of which majority 103 was published on the 31st Jan, the following day post was posted. Huawei might have done this in order to attain audience’s trust and of course, maximize sales. It’s all good however this was against Best Buy’s policies.

“We reserve the right not to post your review if it contains any of the following types of content or violates other guidelines,” says The Verge.

These comments were seen as ‘Advertisement, spam etc.’ on the site as none of the entries had real experience or direct contact with the phone. Huawei has been in danger, with no carrier partnerships, the company was sued for stealing source code and was even accused by the Chinese government for spying. It now brings the image down by questioning the trustworthiness of the brand.

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