Our over addiction to our phones has grown so much that we cannot stop ourselves but use the phones even when it is about to die due to its low battery juice. But sometimes you are not able to acquire this purpose because most of the apps do not run on low battery.

Good news, for the people who want to use their phones even when the battery is draining down. There has come an app that specifically runs when the battery of your phone is 5%.

This one of a kind app is actually a chat application which works only when the phone is about to switch off and let the users die together in a chatroom on their way to offline peace.

The app connects people with the same battery situation who may be in search of some fun while their phone battery runs out. You cannot use this app unless your phone is only 5% alive and that’s what makes the chat unique and different on so many levels. And if your phone has more energy than 5%, then this existential chat app automatically kicks you out of the chatroom.

The fun part is that while you are on your venture to get to know the other person, your phone will die and leave the things as mystery.

Though some users on Reddit complained that their devices shut down suddenly even when the indicator shows a plethora of battery life. The creators are looking into this matter and soon this issue will be resolved expectedly.

Meanwhile, we strongly recommend you to try this great app and fall into the breeze of fading human connection as a recompense for your dying device.

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