Due to our hectic schedules and immediate deadlines, most of us don’t just really care about how much lighting we have around us for our eyes to function properly. Moreover, the use of phones and laptops in most of our professional tasks have made it more irrelevant. This results in most of us, working in dim lights whenever we can, in order to soothe our eyes. However, science suggests the very opposite.

According to a recent study, working in dim lights not only affects your eyes in a bad way but they also decrease the potential of your brain to work and process information.  The Michigan State University researchers studied the brains of Nile grass rats (which, like humans, are diurnal and sleep at night) after exposing them to dim and bright light for four weeks.

Image source: Harvard Health – Harvard University

The result showed that dim lights affect 30 percent of the hippocampus, which is a delicate region of the brain to learn and perform the daily directed tasks.

Antonio “Tony” Nunez, psychology professor and co-investigator on the study, commented:

“When we exposed the rats to the dim light, mimicking the cloudy days of Midwestern winters or typical indoor lighting, the animals showed impairments in spatial learning. This is similar to when people can’t find their way back to their cars in a busy parking lot after spending a few hours in a shopping mall or movie theatre.”

So next time you are working with the lights being dim, remember it is eating the ability of your brain and making you dumb!

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