Dining out with friends is now about a lot more than just eating: these days it’s about posting pictures with your friends at the best of places, on your Instagram.

If you want to win that contest, the Dinner in The Sky is probably a good option.

Anybody can eat at a rooftop restaurant, but that’s nothing in comparison to hanging over the city by a crane.


This dining concept was produced with a bungee jump company who decided that instead of leaping off a platform suspended by a crane, maybe thrillseekers would want to eat there as well.

And don’t worry about safety. Just like a bungee jumper, a three point harness is a part of your seat for safe eating before your table and chef are lifted into the air to eat among the stars.

Dinner in the Sky travels around world and has launched the rest of their schedule for those hoping to grab a seat in 2017, however this meal isn’t cheap at $289 (approx £220) a head. But considering you are suspended 150 feet in the air, it is totally worth it. And also the Instagram picture is priceless.

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