Travelling is the food for soul yet it would be a sin to deprive your taste buds from the taste of all the actual delicious local cuisines while travelling to a destination. Especially a country like turkey, which has an overwhelming industry of tourism and an equally delightful chain of cuisines to try.

From sweet Turkish delights to mouthwatering main courses of kebabs, Turkey has something for everyone. And one can just not ignore these rich flavored dishes while exploring the extravagant cultural history of Turkey.



Starting with the breakfast delight which can literally make you jumps out of your bed, Kahvalti is turkey’s one breakfast essentials. With some of the utterly healthy items like butter, honey, rose and that oven fresh bread which can be a heaven dawned upon your taste buds.




Nothing is more famous in the Turkish food then there deserts and sweets. Turks take some serious pride in their sweets especially their expertly cooked baklava. Gaziantep is where you will find them the most having a delicious inside filling of milk and honey.




If you are a meat lover then kebap is something you would definitely like to explore.  It has many kinds and you can taste them all to find the one that goes with your taste. The most famous one is Iskandar Kebap which has slices of lamb, yogurt, tomato sauce and butter.




Pide is nothing but actually the original Turkish pizza. With an interesting shape, it is often being served on the wooden palate. The dough remains the same while one can experiment with the toppings as per their likes and dislikes.


Turkish coffee:

Turkish coffee

After all those heavy, rich items it would be a crime not to mention the caffeine delight of turkey. Which every city or place you choose to visit in turkey, Turkish coffee is a must hot beverage.  Often complimentary Turkish delights are served with them, yet the creamy, deftly brewed coffee is alone enough to make your day a good one!

The list of delicious Turkish cuisines is somewhat never ending so keep your foody spirit high and keep on tasting the flavors of Turkey!

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