Tesla Model 3 is unveiled and there’s no denying the fact that Model 3 is unusual in every possible way. The most interesting of all features is that it lets you use your smartphone as a key for your Model Tesla 3.

There is this Tesla app, which uses your smartphone to communicate your identity, unlock the car, and know when to start and turn off.

The company has manufactured it with Bluetooth LE technology, which uses your phone to know you’re there. furthermore, you’re ever in need of a valet or extra set, the car also has a pair of NFC-enabled plastic cards that can unlock and start the vehicle with just a tap.

Tesla Model 3, indeed, is unique in a lot of different ways. There has been so much going on with Model 3, which is definitely interesting. Especially its general minimizing of physical buttons that have been advanced to new heights among Tesla designs, and the eliminating of the instrument panel. But KO-ing keys are pretty notable.

New features, especially the substitute for a key, might seem unusual, but it is definitely interesting and convenient, too.

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