A new study suggests that consuming sugary drinks with chicken, fish, meat might lead your body to store more fat. 

Digesting those heavy burgers with a big glass of sugary drink may activate your body to store fat than usual, a new study suggests.

A study was conducted where people added a sugary drink to their protein-rich meal, and it decreased their bodies’ capability of losing weight by 8% on average. This was not all. The drink also increased their appetite after the meal.

“We were surprised by the impact that the sugar-sweetened drinks had on metabolism when they were paired with higher-protein meals,” lead study author Shanon Casperson, a research biologist at the U.S.  Department of Agriculture’s Agricultural Research Service, said in a statement.

“This combination also increased study subjects’ desire to eat savoury and salty foods for four hours after eating,” Casperson added.

Earlier, studies suggest that intake of a meal rich in high proteins increase your bodies’ capability of losing fat. And people do experience changes in their bodies. However, new findings suggest that people who add sugar-loaded drinks, be it a juice or a soft drink, to their protein diet have the opposite effect.

Intake of sugary drinks with 15% protein meal, fat oxidation reduced by 7.2g on average, while with an intake of 30% protein meal, fat oxidation reduced by 12.6g on average.

“We found that about a third of the additional calories provided by the sugar-sweetened drinks were not expended, fat metabolism was reduced, and it took less energy to metabolise the meals,” Casperson said. “This decreased metabolic efficiency may ‘prime’ the body to store more fat,” he added.

The research study had 27 healthy-weight adults, who were 23 years old, on average. “The results provide further insight into the potential role of sugar-sweetened drinks in weight gain and obesity,” Casperson said.


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