Esports is a real creative thing done with a keyboard. Gaming requires lightning fast non-stop repetitive movements. The layout of a conventional keyboard was designed over 30 years ago, and it’s not ideal for gaming and such kind of movements. Pros and frequent gamers are already facing health issues: frequent neck, back and wrist problems.

Gaming is an addiction and is growing gradually every day. Keeping that in mind, it raises a question here: if people are already facing issues, what will it be like in future?

Even 0.1s of difference can decide between a victory or defeat in gaming. To play our best, we need to be physically and mentally very active. That’s why Raise is created, an ergonomic gaming keyboard designed to boost performance, health and comfort.

Traditional keyboard forces the wrists to bend towards the pinky side of our hand. Raise helps to keep wrists at a neutral angle, reducing pressure and strain.

Raise is a gaming keyboard and a gaming keypad in the same device. Saves space on your desk, lets you play more comfortably and can help you focus.

Raise also features RGB LEDs and it has definitely a practical reason behind: to have visual feedback when you change layouts.

The company plans to ship its first batch in July next year.

For more details, visit Kickstarter.

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