China’s biggest e-commerce website AliBaba is considering to own Pakistan’s retail website Daraz.

Daraz is owned by a German based company, Rocket Internet which is currently in talks with the Chinese website over this subject and are negotiating the price for the biggest e-commerce in Pakistan.

The Pakistani online store has caught the attention of AliBaba and they were practically happy over how rapidly the concept of e-commerce is growing in Pakistan.


According to a Bloomberg report, the talk about the business deal is still in its early stages and both the companies are negotiating over the price of Daraz. However, both of them have refused to talk about it yet.

Pakistan’s e-commerce economy is growing rapidly:

Pakistan is standing as the second largest country in terms of the e-commerce industry in South Asia.

Pakistan has one of the rapidly growing economies of online retail stores and is being well-known in the international market by its biggest retail website Daraz, owned by Rocket Internet.

Pakistan’s e-commerce market is not only offering a promising future, but also has international websites like AliBaba taking interest in it.

With its current population in millions, Pakistan has the potential to become the next major international market with the rapidly growing knowledge of online shopping and retail among individuals.

Relevant details about AliBaba:

AliBaba is the largest e-commerce giant in Asia and is also known as one of the largest global online retailers. AliBaba has been looking to invest in different countries not only in Asia, but also in the U.S. and Europe.

According to some research, it will take AliBaba some years to compete with the online retail industry in the U.S. although their primary focus is growing in their own home country while seeking to grow also in other Asian e-commerce industries.

With their recent interest in Pakistan’s e-commerce industry, let’s see where it takes them.

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