People might think that for Samsung, its latest flagship phones with bezel-less design and its best quality hardware are more than enough to make their potential customers attracted towards them. But the company wants to make sure that the moves are simple yet effective.

Samsung has updated its Smart Switch website to make it easier for its customers to transfer data from their phone to the new Galaxy phone.

Smart Switch works with all kinds of operating systems: Android, iOS and even BlackBerry phones. It lets you transfer your data three ways: over WiFi using its app, via USB, or through its computer software.

Smart Switch transfer works with all transfer to Galaxy devices ranging from ranging from Galaxy S2 to its latest Galaxy S8 (including tablets) running Android 4.0 and later. Moreover, some smartphones running Android 4.0 and later may not support wireless transfer. Meanwhile, Android to Galaxy transfers via USB requires Android 4.3 or later and Media Transfer Protocol USB support as well.

Samsung is doing its best to attract its customers making the process simple and smooth. How come its competitor Apple remains calm watching the show. Apple is also making moves to attract its customers by promoting its Move to iOS app ad campaign, which is similar to that of Smart Switch.


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