The education system of Pakistan has faced another tragic loss: Rest in peace Shahjehan S. Karim, President of Iobm.


A philanthropist, who devoted 37 years of his life to Pakistan in the civil and international service. Later the Marvel personality embarked on a journey to dedicate the rest of his life by working tirelessly day and night in making the “Institute of Business Management” a renown University of Pakistan.

The person is none other than the President of Iobm, Shahjehan S. Karim. 

He was the pioneer of the Foundation for Higher Education, holding a number of senior positions with the Government of Pakistan and the Government of Sindh. He has also worked with the United Nations Organization as an International Civil Servant for almost a decade.

He worked incessantly to build an institution with an aim to foster a learning environment that encourages both faculty and students to be skilled and self-sufficient.

The University named the building after Shahjehan S. Karim as a tribute to his life-long struggles for making Iobm a huge success.

Unfortunately, Mr. Karim has passed away on July 17th, 2017 leaving everyone teary eyed and melancholic.

To God we belong and to Him we’ll return.
May his soul rest in peace.

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