All these talks about “driving your way to save the planet”, in short about buying electric cars for poor climate’s well-being is actually not all authentic. Well an average amount of people understands that the need is for the planet to be safe and free from air and wastage pollution. But the facts are still a little rough.

Sure a Tesla is more efficient and energy sufficient, it still drives its energy from an energy grid. And reportedly, producing such energy grid causes same carbon release into the air than the regular fuel production do. Which means that only your medium will change with whatsoever no better result and effect on climate.

Tesla electric cars

However, there is a chance to make it less and effective. The only way to place first step towards the economic well-being is to drive less. Tesla’s and other electric cars are supposed to drive their energy by solar system or as they would like to call it from “nature”. But the electric cars today still need a push in the back, which is why they are using the energy grids as their saviors. Sure, this could all be temporary as they claim it to be but till then there is no sane  decision as  to sell your perfectly well conditioned car, just to buy an electric one.

Because the problem lies in the amount of crazy miles we drive in, just for fun. And in the unnecessary usage of fuel and cars. Next time you ever think about climate change and what you can do about it. Decide to change your habit before you think about your mere responsible car.

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